This is the MVP's Frequently Asked Questions Page for Microsoft Visual C++. In here you'll find answers to several common asked questions about Visual C++, MFC and Windows development in C/C++, as well as other related stuff.

This document is organized in 8 main areas:

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About this FAQ

The questions you'll find here are frequently asked in the microsoft public newsgroups, and the answers have been compiled from the answers posted to those questions in the groups. Most of these answers come from the Microsoft MVP's for several products, including (but not limited to) Visual C++ and the Windows SDK. Among those who have contributed to building this FAQ are (in no particular order):

For each question, you'll find a short answer, along with references to other sites you can find more information on the matter. Also, you'll find references to Knowledge Base articles, MSDN and samples where appropriate.

If you'd like to see any question added, or would like to make a comment, addition or happen to find something wrong with these pages, please mail the faq maintainer (Tomas Restrepo). Also, the site is updated frequently, so keep checking in for new additions!

Last Modification: July 15, 2006